03May Moscow Metro gets Facelift and Circadian LED Upgrade

The Moscow Metro has a launched a new generation of trains featuring LED lighting that adapts to the time of day.

With typical Russian understatement the Moscow authorities are labelling the new vehicles as the ‘the best metro trains in the world.’

The new trains run on the network’s busiest route the memorably named Tagansko-Krasnopresnensky (or the violet line) and feature a ‘cool’ tone of lighting in the morning and a warmer shade in the evening.

Research into circadian rhythms, which act as the body’s internal clock, has found that being exposed to blue light in the morning helps the body to wake up, boosting concentration levels at work and at school.

In the evening, a darker shade is required to help the body to know that it will soon be time to go to sleep.

As well as this, vertical LED panels have been used to frame the train’s doors. When a door is closed, the light is white and if it is open, the door glows red. This is the same on the external side of the door too.

Inside the train a green LED light is used to highlight the approach of a station. In fact, virtually every part of the new trains feature some kind of LED illumination, even the USB ports and sockets have LEDs.

The trains also feature interactive LED backlit screens, which offer advice on planned maintenance work, tariffs, regulations and advertising.

The screens are able to calculate journey times and research itineraries.

Traditionally Russian trains were renowned as being brain rattling contraptions that wobbled all over the place during transit.

This is certainly not the case with the new trains, which have been praised as being particularly smooth, the carriages even offer free Wi-Fi.


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