26Apr ZigBee and Connected Lighting

ZigBee is a technology developed with a global alliance of companies to create a new open standard for LED Lighting controls for wireless solutions, to energy management.

ZigBee allows consumers easy-to-use control control over all their LED fixtures, light bulbs, remotes and switches. Products based on ZigBee let consumers change lighting remotely to reflect ambience, task or season, all while managing energy use and making their homes greener.

ZigBee enables you to adjust your lighting easily according the situation. You can go from a warm, general room lighting, to a bright room suitable for reading or lower lights suitable for more intimate encounters like a massage - ideal for salons. Easily swapping between different lighting levels and colors can also assist in  maintaining the body's natural circadian rhythm, ensuring you stay alert and focused during the day and allowing you to wind down in the evening resulting in a satisfactory sleep.

ZigBee also helps to save cost through automatic dimming based on ambient light conditions. ZigBee-enabled sensors can be installed to sense the amount of natural ambient light, the sensor then activates the dimmer and adjusts the light fixtures accordingly without reducing to low light levels. 

Philips Hue uses ZigBee to deliver new lighting experiences and give you control over your lighting from anywhere in the world. 

The Connected Lighting Alliance, comprising almost all the major global lighting vendors, has endorsed ZigBee Light Link as the preferred standard for residential lighting applications. This decision represents the first time an alliance of leading lighting companies has unanimously endorsed a common open standard for wireless lighting solutions.

Please see their website for more information.

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