MARS Home Series MH-4140 NVR Security System


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The MARS Home Series MH-4140 NVR Security System consists out of one compact 4-channel, single-drive (SATA up to 4TB in capacity) PoC (Power Over Cable) network video recorder and 4 high definition 1280x720p (720p) IP66 certified (enclosure protects the interior against dust and water) IP cameras. Since the recorder bundled with the kit is an NVR model that means aside the typical HDMI and VGA video outputs (Full HD 1080p) which you can use with your TV and TFT screens you can also connect it with your local network via RJ45 Ethernet connection. All 4 bundled cameras feature 1/3 CMOS sensors with IR cut filters but are not identical since for good or bad KGUARD decided on using two different pair models in order to cover different needs. So although the two primary models feature 3.6mm fixed lens with a horizontal viewing angle of 75 degrees, built-in microphones and a night vision LED range of 20m the other two wear 6mm fixed lens that give them a horizontal viewing angle of 45 degrees and a night vision LED range of 30m (no microphone is present on the 2nd camera type). We too are a bit skeptical regarding their choice of IP cameras I’m not about to lie to all of you but what we care mostly is the end result so let’s see if the MARS Home MH-4140 NVR Security Kit can help you sleep a little bit better at night.

At the front of the large box inside which KGUARD ships the MH-4140 we see the NVR with the 4 cameras, several pictures showcasing the how you can use the product and all the main features right beneath them.
 The main features are also listed on the left side of the box in 7 languages. 
For people who can't afford to spend much time setting up the kit KGUARD uses a special program designed for smartphones. 
The specifications of the NVR and the 4 cameras are placed at the rear of the box along with the bundle contents and many pictures and drawings showcasing the proper installation and usage of the kit. There are actually two large boxes inside the box, one contains the NVR and its bundle and the other the 4 cameras and their bundle. One of the two boxes contains the network video recorder, ac power adapter, vertical stand, remote control with two batteries, mouse, HDMI cable, RJ45 cable, software CD, 2.5" HDD mounting brackets, 4 KGUARD stickers, warranty card and the quick installation guide. The 2nd box has the 4 IP cameras, two 30m PoC cable rolls, two 15 PoC cable rolls, 4 position stickers, 4 plastic bags with the mounting screws and a piece of paper explaining how you can reset the IR cut filter of the cameras. 

For this kit KGUARD has used a brand new network video recorder model made out of hard plastic and measuring 208mm in width, 193mm in length and 90mm in height. At the top we see the company logo along with two perforated sections and the 2D barcode (QR) right next to the user name and password used to access the NVR. Two activity LEDs are placed at the front of the device right next to a USB 2.0 port and the IR receiver.  At the rear of the device we find the VGA and HDMI video outputs, USB 2.0 port, WAN port, 4 Ethernet ports and the DC in. The NVR can also be positioned vertically with the help of the bundled stand. You can open the housing by removing the 3 screws at the rear and as you can see there's room inside for either a 3.5" or an 2.5" HDD. 
Both the remote control and the mouse. 

As mentioned earlier the MH-4140 kit features two IP camera models, the ICB-100 and ICB-200. 

 The ICB-200 models can record 720p HD video with a horizontal viewing angle of 45 degrees, have a night vision LED range of up to 30m and connectivity-wise they just have an RJ45 Ethernet port and an DC in (power from the Ethernet port is valid up to 30m maximum, after that it will need to be powered externally). On the other hand the ICB-100 models can also record 720p HD video but their horizontal viewing angle is set at 75 degrees, have a night vision LED range of up to 20m and connectivity-wise they have an Ethernet RJ45 port, DC power in and a microphone. 

Both models weigh 420g and feature IP66 certified aluminum housings which fully protect the interior components against dust and water. 





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